November 23

Blonde Hair With Copper Underneath


There’s something special about blonde hair. It’s always been associated with femininity and beauty. But lately, there’s been a new trend of blonde hair with copper underneath.

This trend is absolutely gorgeous and is perfect for those who want to add a little bit of spice to their look. The best thing about this trend is that it’s not only unique, but it’s also relatively low-maintenance. Unlike other hair colors, you don’t have to worry about touch-ups as often.

And even if your roots start to show, it’s not a big deal because the overall look is still stunning. If you’re thinking about trying out this trend, then I say go for it! You won’t regret it.

What is blonde hair with copper underneath

If you’re thinking about adding some copper hues to your blonde hair, you’re in for a treat! This hair color trend is not only gorgeous, but it’s also surprisingly easy to achieve. Whether you want to add a few subtle highlights or go for a full-on copper color, there are plenty of ways to rock this look.

One of the best things about blonde hair with copper underneath is that it works with all types of blonde hair. Whether you have dark blonde, light blonde, or even platinum blonde hair, you can add copper highlights to create a unique and beautiful look. If you’re not sure how to get started, we suggest talking to your stylist about which option would be best for you.

They can help you decide if you want to add highlights or go for an all-over color. Once you’ve decided on the right look for you, it’s time to get started!

How do you achieve this look

If you want to add a touch of warmth to your blonde hair, then consider adding some copper highlights. This is a great way to give your hair some dimension and make it look more natural. To get started, you will need to lighten your hair to a level where the highlights can be easily seen.

Then, use a copper hair color to create the highlights. You can either use a highlighting kit or get your highlights done at a salon. Just be sure to ask for copper highlights specifically, as this will ensure that your hair looks its best.

What products do you need

If you’re looking for a hair color that’s both unique and eye-catching, you may want to consider blonde hair with copper underneath. This color combo can be achieved by bleaching your hair blonde and then using a copper-colored hair dye to add color to the underneath layers. The result is a beautiful and unique color that is sure to turn heads.

One of the best things about this hair color is that it can be customized to suit your individual taste. For example, if you want a more subtle look, you can opt for a lighter blonde shade with just a hint of copper. Or, if you’re feeling bold, you can go for a brighter blonde with more noticeable copper highlights.

No matter what your preference, this color combo is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. If you’re considering blonde hair with copper underneath, be sure to consult with a professional stylist to ensure that the color is applied properly.


If you’re looking to add a little dimension to your blonde hair, consider adding some copper highlights. This trend is perfect for those with naturally blonde hair who want to add a little bit of color, or for those with darker hair who are looking to lighten things up for the summer. To get the look, ask your stylist for highlights that are a few shades lighter than your natural hair color.

And be sure to ask for copper tones specifically, as this will give you the most natural-looking results.


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